Birth Series (3) – Comparing a Medical vs. Natural Birth

I had an epidural birth then a water birth. I break down the differences in my preparation, the procedures I had, and my overall thoughts. Plus, a list of things I wish I’d heard before my first birth.

Birth Series (A) – Childbirth Research Reviews

Your convenient starting point for learning about natural childbirth, courtesy of a gal who trailblazer her way from hospital/pitocin/epidural birth #1 to a full on midwife/doula/water birth for birth #2. You’re welcome.

To God, We Are Babies – 4 Lessons from Parenting a New Baby

Nearly every day, my baby does something that makes me think of how God must see us, and she’s taught me many lessons about what it means to be a child of God.

The Right Time to Have Kids

We’ve only been married a year. We’re waiting for my husband to finish his bachelor’s program and living in a tiny on-campus apartment. And frankly, we’re dirt poor.

So why did we decide to have a baby?