The Temple Comes First: How the Temple Has Worked in My Life

The story of how we went from nowhere to live to the perfect living arrangements in 12 hours flat, and the reason why the temple is the miracle everybody needs in their lives.

Birth Series (3) – Comparing a Medical vs. Natural Birth

I had an epidural birth then a water birth. I break down the differences in my preparation, the procedures I had, and my overall thoughts. Plus, a list of things I wish I’d heard before my first birth.

Birth Series (A) – Childbirth Research Reviews

Your convenient starting point for learning about natural childbirth, courtesy of a gal who trailblazer her way from hospital/pitocin/epidural birth #1 to a full on midwife/doula/water birth for birth #2. You’re welcome.

The Right Time to Have Another Kid + Why I’m Pregnant AGAIN

Don’t worry, this isn’t a post about how I’m pregnant!—just why. (A sequel to “The Right Time to Have Kids”)

No Calling vs. Hard Calling: Message to Those Wanting More (or Less!) Calling

When I told a friend about how overwhelmed I felt about my new calling, she chuckled. “You said you wanted a calling!”

She was right. I had prayed for this for a year and a half, and I got what I asked for.

COVID-19 and Anxiety: “Who Knew It Only Took a Worldwide Pandemic to Manage Your Anxiety?”

I’ve been trying to understand why I, a person prone to intense anxiety, have had fairly typical anxiety levels, even though much of the world is panicking, and for good reason. So why am I not so afraid?