Voting: It’s Not the Most Important Thing About You (or Anyone Else)

Frankly, who you vote for is not the most important or interesting thing about you—or anybody else. Thanks to revelation from God, we know we are so much more than that.

When Has America Ever Been Great? – An Answer From a Christian Patriot

This isn’t about a presidential campaign; this is asking a real question.

On Little Missions, Fighting Racism, and Why This Prolifer Quit Being a Live Action Ambassador

You were given a calling, or callings, for your life on Earth. They are causes about which you are passionate, ways for you to bring about good in the world. I call these “little missions.”

Don’t Be Afraid of the P Word – Why and How to Embrace Politics

I claim that we, as members of the Church, and especially as women in the Church, unjustly avoid politics when we should be using our political influence for good.

We have a responsibility to represent Him any chance we have and to use our influence for good, even at the cost of comfort.