No Calling vs. Hard Calling: Message to Those Wanting More (or Less!) Calling

When I told a friend about how overwhelmed I felt about my new calling, she chuckled. “You said you wanted a calling!”

She was right. I had prayed for this for a year and a half, and I got what I asked for.

Girls (and Boys) Who Don’t Serve Missions – Yes, You CAN Marry One!

I have heard this statement far too many times: “I’m only marrying a returned missionary.” I fear this is an incorrect and unholy thing to say.

On Little Missions, Fighting Racism, and Why This Prolifer Quit Being a Live Action Ambassador

You were given a calling, or callings, for your life on Earth. They are causes about which you are passionate, ways for you to bring about good in the world. I call these “little missions.”

Ministering Despite Anxiety: How to Start Ministering

What if they don’t like me? What if they’d be better off living their lives without me wasting their time? What if I invite them out for ice cream and find out they’re allergic to dairy? What if they’re huggers!?

Why Did You Even Serve a Mission?

For anyone who might/will serve a mission, who supports a missionary, who interacts with missionaries, or who has had a bad experience with a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.