COVID-19 and Anxiety: “Who Knew It Only Took a Worldwide Pandemic to Manage Your Anxiety?”

I’ve been trying to understand why I, a person prone to intense anxiety, have had fairly typical anxiety levels, even though much of the world is panicking, and for good reason. So why am I not so afraid?

The Right Time to Have Kids

We’ve only been married a year. We’re waiting for my husband to finish his bachelor’s program and living in a tiny on-campus apartment. And frankly, we’re dirt poor.

So why did we decide to have a baby?

Ministering Despite Anxiety: How to Start Ministering

What if they don’t like me? What if they’d be better off living their lives without me wasting their time? What if I invite them out for ice cream and find out they’re allergic to dairy? What if they’re huggers!?

Getting Married Young and Fast: A Word from Someone Who Did Both

I never wanted to marry young or fast. Then, I got married at 21, less than a year after returning from my mission, to some guy I’d met in that less-than-a-year. Yep, I’m that person.